Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meteor Detection Data Updated - 2010 Results

The high level data summary page has been updated for the remaining months in 2010, October, November and December. 

December was a record month with 79 Meteors detected! 

This is of course due to the relatively clear skies over Melbourne during the summer months. October was plagued with a cable problem when the polycarbonate roof was replaced and all cable were re-routed through conduit around the house. The main data cable was not plugged in for 8 days!

On the positive side, since the automated Microsoft updates was turned off in Windows 7 the system has not failed to boot once. Lots of experience was gained in 2010 so hopefully 2011 will lead to higher meteor counts and a smoother running remote Meteor Hunter observatory!

Happy New Year from Meteor Hunter!