Sunday, February 21, 2010

And then there were meteors...

I setup the temporary tripod arrangement one more time, pointed it in the same direction as before and was awarded with my first two meteor detections! In the following images, the stars are exaggerated due to the UFO Capture scintillation filter which masks out  fixed points of varying light.

Meteor 1

I actually watched my first meteor pretty much live as it occurred early in the evening and I had UFO Capture open in a window on my desktop. UFO Capture was set to play a sound to alert me which it did.

Meteor 2

This one was a lucky capture as the meteor streaked across the top of the field of view, just above the encroaching cloud cover.

I was now looking forward to permanently mounting the camera system and automating the equipment. Running the camera on a tripod meant running data and power leads out the window, across the garden and to the camera and the risk of tripping over it at night is always there...

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